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Season 2: Emerging Markets 

The Crossroads India: Growth & Growing Pains (September, 2017) – Full Episode Online Here

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The Crossroads India – India has emerged as a global leader in growth. But has it been growth for all? If not, why not? From the heights of Mumbai to the forgotten Tribal Lands, this new film by Samuel George dives into these complex questions.




Cuba’s Digital Revolution (August 2017) – Full Episode Online Here 

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Cuba’s Digital Revolution – For decades, Cuba has been shielded from the digital revolution that has spread around the world.But that is changing. Shot on location in Cuba, this film by Samuel George captures a critical moment for a country in transition.



The Crossroads: Inside US – Mexican Trade (May 2017)  Full Episode online HERE

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Crossroads: US – Mexico Trade It’s a relationship that has deeply influenced the economies of both partners, and has emerged as a line of scrimmage in the international debate on globalization. Who are the winners? Who are the losers? From Juarez to the White House, Samuel George investigates.



The Crossroads Turkey (January 2017) – Full episode online HERE 



Crossroads: Turkey Sure, Turkey is at a geographical crossroads – but this is bigger than that. From the streets of Istanbul to the front line with Syria, host Samuel George goes inside Turkey at a Crossroads.  


The Crossroads Brazil (May 2016) – Full episode online HERE



Crossroads: Brazil Sometimes countries face economic turmoil, political crises, or social tumult. Brazil – so recently on the rise – faces all three. Features commentary from Joaquim Levy, Arminio Fraga, Otaviano Canuto, Samuel George takes us to the heart of a country at the crossroads.                                                                                             


The Crossroads: Colombia (November, 2015) – Full episode online HERE 

CrC. Pt. 1-2
The Crossroads:
 considers a country with significant momentum for the future, but still at war with itself. Featuring commentary from President Juan Manuel Santos, Finance Minister Mauricio Cárdenas, Defense Minister Luis Carlos Villegas, and many more! Host Samuel George visits Latin America’s emerging superstar.



The Crossroads Cuba (July, 2015) – Full episode online HERE 



The Crossroads: Cuba focuses on a country in transition, but a transition to what? What’s the endgame here?Pairing commentary from economists and diplomats—as well as Cuban leaders and locals—with analysis from host Samuel George—these videos offer new perspective on the Cuban drama.



The Crossroads Argentina (June, 2015) – Full episode online HERE                                                                                                                



The Crossroads: Argentina focuses on a country facing turbulent economic conditions and an ongoing debt crisis just as it prepares for crucial presidential elections. Featuring  top diplomats, former cabinet members, presidential advisors, and leading economists, host Samuel George brings a new perspective on the Argentine drama.