Direct from the vaults! Full interviews, street scenes and more from the Crossroads Archives 


Digital Cuba Archive 



Cuban Freestyle Battle 




Entrevista a Alberto Guerra Naranjo, Escritor Cubano


Crossroads US – Mexico Trade Archive 

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Abandoned Philadelphia: Inside Budd Plant with Former Union Leader


Sustainable Development 



Jeffrey Sachs on Sustainable Development Goals


The Crossroads Turkey Archive 

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Dr. Daron Acemoglu: Inside the Turkish Economy 


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Dr. Vali Nasr on the Rise of President Erdogan & AKP 




In Defense of Erdogan: AKP Parliament Member Dr. Ravza Kavakçı




Political Life as Opposition in Turkey: CHP Parliament Member Öztürk Yılmaz




Turkey’s Opposition: HDP Parliament Member Garo Paylan




Member of Bundestag Niels Annen on Turkish – EU Relations 




Inside Turkey: Interview with Kemal Kirişci of the Brookings Institute




Turkey after the Coup Attempt: Interview with Soner Cagaptay




Turkey on the Edge: Interview with Christian Honest




Economist Erdal Yalcin on Turkish – EU Policy Options



The Crossroads Brazil Archives 

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Anti-Corruption Protests, Raw Footage & Street Interviews, Rio de Janeiro, 3/12/16 




Interview with Arminio Fraga: “Brazil’s Growth Machine is Broken”




Interview with ex-Minister of Finance Joaquim Levy




Interview with Alexandre Schwartsman: What Dilma Got Wrong




Interview with Alessandra Orofino: Towards a United Brazil 




Interview with Monica de Bolle: Brazil’s Economic Meltdown




Interview with Dr. Riordan Roett: What Happened to Brazil’s Rise?


The Crossroads Colombia Archives



Interview with President Juan Manuel Santos




Interview with Finance Minister Mauricio Cardenas 




Interview with Defense Minister Luis Carlos Villegas 


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Senator Ivan Cepeda on Colombia’s New Left


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Senator Ivan Duque on complications of peace in Colombia




Talking Colombia with The Economist’s “Bello” columnist, Michael Reid




Interview with Mariana Sarasti, Vice Minister of Trade


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Rastro – Falso Positivo – Colombian Hip Hop



The Crossroads Cuba Archives

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Africa Reina – “Azul” Cuban Woman Sings Acapella


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Cuba in Transition: COnversation with IMF Executive Director Otaviano Canuto


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Cuban blogger Harold Cardenas Lema with Samuel George


The Crossroads Argentina Archives

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Conversation with Ambassador Cecilia Nahon on Debt Holdouts


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Domingo Cavallo Comments on 2015 Argentine Elections


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What is Mauricio Macri’s Economic Agenda? Interview with Carlos Pirovano


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Talking Politics in El Boliche


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The Tango Singing Taxi Driver


Additional Interviews

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The Challenges of Globalization: Conversation with Jason Furman, Obama’s top economic advisor


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Dr. Jagdish Bhagwati on TTIP